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For hotel bookings for periods other than the dates of  IOI'2009, please contact personally Hotel "Novotel Plovdiv":

2 Zlatiu Boyadjiev Str., 4003 Plovdiv, BULGARIA
Tel: (+359 32) 934136, (+359 32) 934481, (+359 32) 934252, (+359 32) 934163
FAX: (+359 32) 934346, (+359 32) 934160
E-mail: reservation@novotelpdv.bg, sales@novotelpdv.bg
Web-site: http://www.icep.bg/
Contact person: A.Somova

IOI’2009 will be held in four venues:

  • Park-Hotel “Sankt Peterburg”
  • Hotel “Novotel Plovdiv”
  • International Fair Plovdiv
  • The Antique Theatre

The first three sites are situated in a line near the north bank of the Maritza River (labeled from West to East). The distance between Park-Hotel “Sankt Peterburg” and Hotel “Novotel Plovdiv”, as well as between Hotel “Novotel Plovdiv” and the International Fair Plovdiv is about half a kilometre (0.3 miles).

Park-Hotel “Sankt Peterburg” will host Leaders, Deputy-Leaders, Members of the international bodies of IOI, as well as the Observers who will participate in the work of GA. There, a hall with about 90 computers and adequate number of printers will be equipped for discussions and translation of the tasks.

Hotel “Novotel Plovdiv” will host the contestants, and all other participants who do not participate in the work of GA. There could also be a room (in “Novotel Plovdiv”) for meetings of GA, which are not dedicated to discussions or translation of the tasks, as well as for IOI Conference if necessary (for example, if the translation room is found to be inadequate for the events mentioned).

Exhibition Hall №11 of the International Fair Plovdiv will be equipped as a contest room – the capacity of the hall is enough for 360 workstaitons. In the same hall, the space for net servers and grading machines will be separated. Exhibition Hall 7 of the International Fair Plovdiv will be equipped for organizing the Opening Ceremony. In case of unfavourable weather conditions, the same hall will be used for the Closing Ceremony, too.

The Antique Theater will be the place for the Closing Ceremony, weather permitting.

Park-Hotel “Sankt Peterburg” Plovdiv

97 Bulgaria Blvd., 4003 Plovdiv
Tel: (+359 32) 9103, (+359 32) 951830
E-mail: marketing@sphotel.net
Web-site: http://www.sphotel.net/
Location (Google Maps)

Accommodation (capacity 250-300):

Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders – 170
IC & ISC Members – 20
Observers (who take part in GA meetings) – N.A.
VIP Guests – N.A.


2 restaurants with 700 places (seating arrangement)


Conference Hall - GA Meeting Room (will be equipped for translation and Internet connection). 200 seats capacity when arranged as a classroom (350 seats when arranged as a cinema hall).
Nova Hall & Druzhba Hall – 60 seats capacity each when arranged as a classroom – IC Meetings & ISC Meetings

Sport & recreation:

Aqua Park with 5 swimming pools.


21 apartments and 105 luxury studios (1 Queen-size bed 2m x 2m) that could be offered to family couples, 42 double bedrooms, 42 single bedrooms.
Distribution of the bedrooms among VIP, IOI bodies, Team Leaders and Observers will be considered after the registration.
Lodging of people from different countries will be avoided, if possible.


Hotel “Novotel Plovdiv”

2 Zlatiu Boyadjiev Str., 4003 Plovdiv
Tel: (+359 32) 934136, (+359 32) 934481, (+359 32) 934252, (+359 32) 934163
FAX: (+359 32) 934346, (+359 32) 934160
E-mail: reservation@novotelpdv.bg, sales@novotelpdv.bg
Web-site: http://www.icep.bg/
Location (Google Maps)

Accommodation (capacity 660):

Contestants – 340
Observers (who do not take part in GA meetings) – N.A.
Guests – N.A.


4 restaurants with 470 places (seating arrangement)


many halls suitable for the purposes of IOI (between 12 and 550 seats) that could be alternative of the halls chosen by now
Sport & Recreation:
SPA center with indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna etc.
2 tennis courts
Fitness centre


330 bedrooms with 2 beds, so the contestants will be lodged following the principle “a pair of contestants of same sex and from same team in one room”.
The remaining contestants (single boys or single girls) will be lodged separately.
Lodging of two contestants from different countries in the same room will be avoided. 
When a contestants need special care and is accompanied by an Assistant, then this contestant could be lodged in a same room with her/his Assistant, if appropriate.
When it is not appropriate to accommodate such a student together with her/his Assistant, then the Assistant will be accommodated in a room which is as close as possible to the contestant’s room.


International Fair Plovdiv

37 Tzar Boris III - Obedinitel Blvd., 4003 Plovdiv
Tel: (+359 32) 902000, (+359 32) 903600, FAX: (+359 32) 902432
E-mail: fairinfo@fair.bg
Web-site: http://www.fair.bg
Location (Google Maps)


Contest hall (Hall 11) – about 5000 m2
Ceremony hall (Hall 7/Hall 2) – capacity 1000 people


All venues on the map



Meals will be served for all Participants in their hotels. The capacity of the restaurants in both hotels is such that in extreme moments all Participants could get meal simultaneously. The serving of the meal will be buffet-style to make the required time as short as possible.

Bulgarian cuisine offers a large variety of dishes. Together with traditional meat dishes (pork, veal, lamb, chicken and fish), especially in the summer time, different dishes prepared with vegetables and vegetable oil are served. The salads of vegetables, unique Bulgarian yogurt, as well as Bulgarian cheeses will complete the variety of offered meals.



Mealtimes are announced in the Programme of the Olympiad. Each change will be announced in time.

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