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Competition Equipment and Environment

All contest machines will be installed to boot in Linux. Microsoft Windows will not be available in the contest machines. The following packages will be installed:

  • Unubtu 8.04 i386; GNOME;

You can download a live DVD with the sample test environment (~ 765 MB) here. The environment at the competition site will be virtually the same with minor security related changes such as network configuration, lack of root access, etc.
On the desktop you can find the file "readme.html " with description of the working environment for IOI'2009.
  • web browsers: Firefox;

  • editors: mcedit, joe, vim, kate, kwrite, kdevelop, emacs, xemacs, xwpe, lazarus, gedit, nano, scite, codeblocks, geany;

  • compilers: gcc >= 4.2, g++ >= 4.2, Free Pascal >= 2.2 with documentation;

  • debuggers: gdb, ddd;

  • STL documentation.

Hardware specification:

  • Chipset Intel Bearlake G31

  • CPU Core 2 Duo E2160 (1.80GHz, 1MB L2 Cache)

  • RAM 2.0GB DDR2

  • HDD 74GB but only 30GB will be available to contestants.

  • Standard keyboard ( )

  • Mouse ( )
In order to translate tasks, team leaders will be provided with computers with a version of Microsoft Word with some multi-language support. In addition, Ethernet ports will be available for leaders bringing laptops.
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